Impact Newsletter 4 – i2 SustainIT


Sustainability is reaching a new era. The United Nations have also changed the consumers’ mentality through their definition of sustainability. They explain that sustainability is not only based on the preservation of the environment. Actually, sustainability is also focused on human health, social equality, and economic vitality.

In the context of the project i2 SustainIT the “Design thinking for impact incubation” is a holistic approach, set of rules and principles that can enhance the impact of the diverse types of social enterprises and projects on resolving social challenges through a focused and well-defined role of mentors. The expectations from mentors in the same context are that they are knowledgeable and capable of using design thinking techniques, whilst working with the social entrepreneurs.

The Intellectual Output 2 “Design Thinking for Impact Incubation Toolkit” is the second instrument of the “The Impact Incubator for Nurturing Sustainability” (i2 SustainIT) Project.

The key idea for the development of this toolkit is that having the right design thinking tool, tailored to mentors to support social entrepreneurs, is of great importance for the early stage of incubation of a social business idea. Especially when expecting a high impact, whether societal, environmental, economic.

Impact Newsletter 4:

Impact Newsletter 4 – i2 SustainIT
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