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Since 2016, The Impact Management Project ( IMP) has convened a community of practitioners comprised of more than 2,000 companies and investors to create a global consensus on how to talk about, measure and manage our ESG risks and positive impacts.

Thus the IMP defines impact as a change in an outcome caused by an organisation. In order to understand and measure any impact, the Project introduces the five dimensions of performance.

​5 dimensions of performance:

  • What tells us what outcome the enterprise is contributing to, and how important the outcome is to stakeholders.
  • Who tells us which stakeholders are experiencing the outcome and how underserved they are concerning the outcome.
  • How Much tells us how many stakeholders experienced the outcome, what degree of change they experienced, and how long they experienced the outcome.
  • Contribution tells us whether an enterprise’s and/or investor’s efforts resulted in outcomes that were likely better than what would have occurred otherwise.
  • Risk tells us the likelihood that impact will be different from what is expected.

In Output 1, Impact Measurement Guidelines [IMGuide]​, is proposed series of different frameworks to measure impact, if you want more information do not hesitate to visit it. 

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The Impact Management Project (IMP) – i2 SustainIT
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