Barbara Humar Gerbec is director and co-owner of Linea Snella, an international chain of wellness centers that address the problems faced by overweight adults. Linea Snella helps not only with fitness programs, but with psycho-physical support to ensure better and long lasting so results.

Barbara first joined CEED in 2008 and immediately started to cooperate with several fellow entrepreneurs, and jointly developed the franchising model (www.lineasnella-franchising.com). 

Axis Mundi

Eva Jelnikar is an energetic business woman, founder and director of company Axis Mundi that employs 11 people and makes about 2,2 million USD of annual revenues from innovative business gifts and gift cards. She and her marketing director, Aleksander Novak, joined the CEED Pro program in the 2011-12 season, and were so invigorated by it, that just two months later they sent their whole 

CEED Romania helped Propark create a social enterprise which educates children on the importance of preserving the customs, values, and practices passed on from generation to generation in the Romanian rural areas.

Propark Foundation is an NGO established in 2008 with the mission of creating and implementing programs which preserve natural areas in Romania and Romanian cultural heritage. In 2010 CEED Romania helped Propark create a 

Starting a business as a young entrepreneur is not easy. Atanas Tonchev developed a website that reviews restaurants (www.zavedenia.com) which had strong content after a year of work. www.zavedenia.com was not yet cash positive after a years time so Atanas decided to join CEED Bulgaria in order to make connections to other businessmen and women who have gone through similar struggles. According to Atanas, “CEED 

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