Strengthening Transport and Logistics BIOs in Central Asia

Project: Strengthening Central Asia Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Period of implementation:  March 01, 2014 – August 31, 2015

Target country(ies) or region(s): Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of  Uzbekistan

Name of partners in the Action:

    • Independent Association of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Association of Protection of Astana Entrepreneurs Rights
    • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCIU)
    • Business Logistics Development Association (ADBL)


The main goal of the project Strengthening Central Asia Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” is to increase innovative entrepreneurial expertise and upgrade business supporting competences of the assisted BIOs, to acquire fundamental entrepreneurial skills for running a successful business and gain practical experience from EU best entrepreneurial practices by SMEs.

The specific goal of the project is increasing of the capacity of the Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan SMEs and strengthening the role of Business Intermediary Organizations (BIOs) in their development.

The Project concept is to enhance the capacity of BIO’s in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with a view to provide better services to their members and clients, through capacity building of the BIOs management and providing them with powerful instruments to obtain up-to-date information by sectors, protect their interests before the government, clarify their legal rights and constraints, help them expand their market opportunities.

During the project implementation the assigned tasks have been achieved, namely:  Increased innovative entrepreneurial expertise of the BIOs; Improved export-oriented expertise as one of the main business development services for SMEs; upgraded trade facilitation competences of the BIOs; SMEs have acquired fundamental entrepreneurial skills for running a successful business; Selected SMEs and BIOs form Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan gained practical experience form EU best entrepreneurial practices, upgraded business operations and strategies for eco-efficiency integrating in their daily operations.

As a result of the project, the full and reliable information was given about the needs of SMEs in training and consulting support, as well as the unoccupied market niches as opportunities for start-ups/expanding markets for existing SMEs. The topics covered aimed to adopt European entrepreneurial best practices, sufficient entrepreneurial skills and experience.

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Strengthening Transport and Logistics BIOs in Central Asia
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