CEED has launched a pilot project “Bikemode“, which aims to explore different behavioural models and remove barriers in our choice to more sustainable life. The campaign “Bikemode” will provide an opportunity for several employers to participate in the project, supporting their employees to use electric bicycles completely free of charge within a month.

During the campaign:

  • A study will be conducted on the initial attitudes and barriers for employees to use a bicycle and their preferences for getting to work;
  • An analysis with the results and specific measures will be developed to stimulate a change in the motivation of employees to ride a bicycle;
  • Information, test and motivational events will be held, which will explain the benefits and opportunities provided by electric bicycles;
  • Within a month (in the spring) employees will be provided with electric bicycles free of charge to move not only to their workplace, but also for personal purposes and active life during the week and in their free time;
  • At the end of the campaign will be examined whether there is a change in the attitudes of employees, as well as the desire and willingness to use bicycles more often.

The focus of the project are electric rather than conventional wheels, because they allow more people to overcome existing barriers such as – insufficient physical shape, difficult terrain such as hills and long distances, worries about the need to change clothes and shower and etc.

Many people do not know the benefits of electric bikes because they have never tried them. One of the main reasons is the high price for rent and purchase. This project will enable more than 200 employees to benefit completely free of charge and to consider whether they would use them.

As a result, employers may choose to continue this practice to motivate employees to ride bicycles, which would contribute to:

  • healthier and more motivated employees;
  • lower costs for parking spaces;
  • strong corporate social responsibility;
  • preferred employer in support of the sustainable development of the city.

The goal is to gather as many like-minded people and enthusiasts as possible and together change the environment that surrounds us and the air we breathe. Get involved!

The project is part of the Academy of Change program and it is implemented through CEED Bulgaria, with the support of CSCP, Behaviorchange, ICSC, and with the financial support of KR Foundation.

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