Joint Venture

Welcome to this, the first newsletter for “Joint Venture: Business between socially excluded people and NGOs”, a new project we thing you will find of interest.


The project aims to build a fairer and more inclusive society through new ways of collaborating, involving entrepreneurs, people at risk of exclusion, NGOs and the business world.

It is an Erasmus+ project, design to support education, training and young people in Europe. The six partners from five countries – UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy – are all NGOs and business consultants specialising in developing training materials, entrepreneurship and business incubation, plus working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Between them they will create a suite of training materials over the next two years and develop an incubation process for potential entrepreneurs who need support.

There will be opportunities for companies and professionals from the business sector, trainers, mentors, NGOs, and would-be entrepreneurs to take part in the projects in various stages.


More information about the project:



Joint Venture
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