Sofia – virtually more and more known

On August 19, 2022, the Foundation “Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development – Bulgaria” started the implementation of the project “Sofia – virtually more and more known” with the financial support of the Metropolitan Municipality – Program “Europe” 2022. The initiative plans to upgrade the previously implemented activities on the project “Virtual tour – unknown Sofia”, aimed at popularizing the idea of ​​rediscovering Sofia and its little-known historical, architectural, cultural and artistic monuments and landmarks.

The aim of the current project is to arouse the interest of the citizens and visitors of the capital to lesser-known places in Sofia, which will be separated into thematic routes and will complement the palette of those already existing on the website Changes in the software product will allow the results to reach as wide a range of people as possible, incl. to persons with visual impairments to get equal access for “digital” familiarization with the objects. The aim is to raise awareness of the capital through an interactive experience and create a stable basis for public support and empathy.

Planned project activities include:

  • Improvement and upgrade of website ( and mobile application, including: expansion of routes by adding new ones; creating a calendar of events held within the scope of the objects published on the website; voicing the description of the objects in order to provide access to the information for people with visual problems; providing the possibility of user addition of materials.
  • Development of a digital game, generating interest in the identified objects and routes – gamification.
  • Publicity and awareness activities.
  • Organizing and conducting a closing event.

After implementation of the planned activities, the following results are expected:

  • prepared 1 pc. analysis/study for the addition of new routes and objects on the territory of the city of Sofia;
  • created a calendar of events on the website and mobile application;
  • created a website that can also be used by people with visual impairments;
  • developed digital game;
  • prepared and dissemination 1 pc. video material with min. 30 views;
  • prepared and dissemination 300 pcs. information brochures;
  • prepared and dissemination min. 10 pcs. electronic/internet publications;
  • organized and dissemination closing event for min. 15 attendees.

The intended goals and results should be achieved by the middle of November 2022.

Sofia – virtually more and more known
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