Meeting with residents of rural areas of Namangan region

On November 4-5 this year, Dr. Brigitta Bode, an International community-driven development expert, met with residents of rural areas of Namangan region. The purpose of this visit is an independent assessment of the work carried out with the villagers by the facilitators of the Rural Infrastructure Development project. Ms. Bode had a conversation with residents of the Yangihayot village, Chust district and Kandigon, Pop district in the Namangan region.

During the conversations, residents of the makhallas had the opportunity to personally contact the Project specialists, as well as Ms. Bode, with proposals for optimizing the activities of the Project. Also, the expert listened to and recorded the opinions of residents on the work done on community mobilization by rural facilitators and specialists from the Facilitating partner CEED/ Rhythm Plus.

After completing the visits, a meeting was held at the CEED/ Rhythm Plus regional office in Namangan with the participation of CEED/ Rhythm Plus specialists, as well as village facilitators and engineers, where they could discuss issues that arose during the work in the villages. Recommendations and suggestions were made by Ms. Bode.

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Meeting with residents of rural areas of Namangan region
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