“Unknown Sofia”

Period of implementationMay’11-Aug’11


The “Unknown Sofia” project is implemented by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED), with the support of the “Europe” Program of Sofia Municipality and aims to discover unknown, not remarkable places in the capital of Bulgaria.

The project developed a website for Sofia city where all the historic, architectural, cultural and art places and objects in Sofia were studied and analyzed. The project aimed at popularizing the old city and helping Bulgarian citizens to get to know their country better. Another very important aim of the project was to contribute to the development of tourism in Bulgaria. The website included also a demonstration map and identified prominences.

The idea of ​​the project is to follow unknown but not interesting historical, architectural, cultural and artistic places and objects on the territory of the city of Sofia and to bring for their popularization among the citizens and tourists. The tombstone of Ivan Vazov, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Mother of God – a life-giving source in the Hadji Dimitar district and the Late Antique Mausoleum in the South Park with some of the landmarks that collect the most votes from Sofia.

“Unknown Sofia”
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