Swiss-Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Period of implementationSep’2013-Nov’2014

Partners: SIFE and UZH Entrepreneurs

Place(s) of project implementation:   Zurich, Switzerland; Sofia, Burgas, Gabrovo, Bulgaria


Project objective is establishing a sustainable and effective partnership for transfer of entrepreneurial know-how and business knowledge between CEED Bulgaria and two Swiss higher education institutions – SIFE and UZH Entrepreneurs.



Activity 1: Acquiring practical know-how from Startup@UZH for the development of University Entrepreneurship Centers and the organization of 48-hours Start-up tournaments for students

Activity 2: Receiving expertise from the Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship (SIFE) for the development and introduction of a qualification program in entrepreneurship

Activity 3: Organizing and moderation of two 48-hour Start-up tournaments in Gabrovo and Burgas

Activity 4: Training the winners of the tournaments in Gabrovo and Burgas by the new qualification program in entrepreneurship

Activity 5: Project management



1: Improvement of  the institutional capacity building and the entrepreneurial event management skills of CEED Bulgaria

2: Expanded entrepreneurial expertise and education methodology of CEED Bulgaria

3: Stimulation of the the entrepreneurial potential and discovering realistic and prosperous business ideas of Bulgarian students.

4: Providing students with different educational backgrounds with basic theoretical and practical business knowledge for successful company management.

5: Dissemination of the Swiss exchange of knowledge

6: Successful implementation of the project activities so far, meeting the project requirements and expectations; achieving sustainable project outcomes.

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Swiss-Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
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