Boost Aid for Social Entrepreneurship through Training (BASET)

Period of implementationSep’17-Aug’2019

Partners: Leading partner: KISMC; Other partners: CEED, IDEC, Caban Capital, Creative District


Fostering social entrepreneurship in Europe through elaborating, testing and providing a set of learning & training instruments to educators:

  1. Social Entrepreneurship Development Model – a very practical and easy-to-use handbook for educators and hands-on guidance that helps entrepreneurs carry out their social missions more effectively;
  2. Train the Trainers Toolkit – providing educators with background knowledge and technical assistance to social entrepreneurs on-line;
  3. Train the Investors Handbook equipping investors – mentors with practical knowledge and model of working with social entrepreneurs at risk.


The project aims at creating tools and instruments for fostering the social entrepreneurship in Europe through training the trainers in this specific area of knowledge. BASET consists of a training programme, specific toolkits, curricula, trained educators and featured open learning space for educators of the social entrepreneurs (SETs). After passing such training SETs can teach successfully cohorts social ventures in their early stages of development and offer a set of resources – training in entrepreneurial skills, mentoring focused on designing the business model and the business plan, networking with other entrepreneurs and the broader ecosystems, and access to grants or seed capital.


For efficient achievement of planned goals, the BASET project has defined a detailed plan of implementation and project management, as follows:

(A1) Activity 1 – Management plan and preparatory work

(A2) Activity 2 – Project execution

(A3) Activity 3 – Monitoring and reporting

(A4) Activity 4 – Evaluation of the results and quality assurance

(A5) Activity 5 – Executing and monitoring the dissemination activities


For more information:

Boost Aid for Social Entrepreneurship through Training (BASET)
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