Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change project (Fight Climate Change) kicked off on the 24 th of March 2021. The project is financed under Erasmus+ program (2014-2020) – EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The project will run for 30 months. CEED
Bulgaria is one of the 7 project partners from all over Europe together with: EPN Consulting –
project coordinator (United Kingdom), Creative District (Belgium), IDEC (Greece), International
Association of Science Parks & Areas of Innovation (Spain), Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies
Management Club (Bulgaria), Worldview Impact Foundation (United Kingdom).
Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world.
Climate change refers to a change in climate patterns due to human activities, going beyond the
natural variability in the climate. This is caused by greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere.
Among the drivers of these emissions are the burning of fossil fuels, industrial processes, livestock
farming, and waste treatment.
The Fight Climate Change project goal is to produce a set of training and educational materials to
raise awareness and contribute to the fight against climate change through collective innovation and
The project aims to:
 Educate educators on climate change challenges and the UN SDGs and equip them with
interactive training instruments to embed within their trainings.
 Upskill entrepreneurs and SMEs owners/ managers on how to use the innovation
management process in developing their sustainability strategies to fight against climate
 Guide entrepreneurs and SMEs owners/ managers on becoming agents of change for their
colleagues/ employees and transforming their business culture and values to eco ones.
 Provide a user-friendly digital platform to educators, entrepreneurs, SMEs and individuals to
measure their carbon footprint and provide valuable tips on how to help reduce the negative
impact on the environment and support the fight against climate change.
The partnership will produce 4 main outputs upon the successful project realisation:
 Climate Change & Sustainable You Handbook
 Innovating for Climate Change & Sustainability Toolkit
 Culture of Change & Change of Culture Manual.
 Fight Climate Change Platform

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