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CEED Bulgaria is the coordinator of the XD Media Hub project, which is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. The project is aimed increasing the digital competencies of entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of deep-tech start-ups. The project is aimed at providing those entrepreneurs and their mentors, coaches, and trainers with appropriate tools for work and training. It is to be developed on the basis of the main results and findings made by the Media Motor Europe Project. The project is starting in January 2022 and will finish in December 2023.

What are the objectives of this project?

The main rationale and reason for the development of this project is the rapid development of advanced technologies and their application and impact on the Media and Creative industries, which is growing in terms of the business opportunities and challenges, to be solved by newcomers to the sector. The ultimate aim is to increase entrepreneurial-digital competencies of entrepreneurs by providing them with a ready-to-use menu of tools, roadmaps, modules, materials, developed in a comprehensive manner applying digital technologies – in a digital toolbox and the digital hub itself.

The project partners are aimed to support those entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of deep tech startups at an early stage of their business development specifically in the sector of Media and Creative industries, providing the target groups and educators with relevant tools and training curricula and materials.

Partners in the project are:

  • CEED – Bulgaria
  • Network Ireland f6s – Ireland
  • CSKC, Bulgaria
  • University DEUSTO – Spain
  • Fasttrack Action – Portugal
  • Socialenterprise4all – Spain

Expected results

The partners plan to establish a digital Hub as an OER for smooth collaboration and exposure of the outcomes which will serve also as an experimentation and networking space for participants where the target groups will have open access to the toolbox.

The hub will be helping deep-tech startups/scaleups from the creativity and innovation industries in dealing with the challenges of innovation management and business modeling in such areas as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, haptics, social media, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, future internet/IoT, future networks (5G, low-power wide-area network). The hub, as an international network, will be raising awareness of the startups, mentors, and professional trainers in Europe on this topic through campaigns to relevant stakeholders and broader audience by focusing on how the sector is developing, affected, and supported by the new technologies, challenges, and obstacles as fight against fake news, disinformation, trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), transparency, better access and inclusion, the role of social media, etc.

What are the most important benefits for the cluster?

  • Continuing the experience of the cluster in the media and creative industries.
  • Strengthening the positioning of the already established Innovation Hub for media and creative industries;
  • Creating new partnerships;
  • Development of new tools applicable to startups included in the cluster accelerator;
  • Providing new curricula for the Cluster’ Competence center.

 What are the benefits for the cluster members?

  • Participation in the implementation of the project with different commitments;
  • Participation in training and seminars;
  • Involvement in training and international seminars of representatives of cluster members.

More information about the project: https://xdmediahub.eu/


XD Media Hub
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