The HD Media Hub project was successfully completed


We are happy to announce the successful conclusion of the XD Media Hub project, in which CEED Bulgaria played the role of coordinator, supported by the following partner organizations: CSKC, Fasttrack Action, Socialenterprise4all, F6S, University of Deusto, Inqubator Leeuwarden.

The XD Media Hub project, initiated in January 2022 and concluded in December 2023, was designed to address the need for heightened digital competencies among entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of deep-tech startups in the Media and Creative sectors.

Key Achievements:

Throughout the duration of the project, several key milestones and achievements were realized:

  • Establishment of a digital Hub serving as an Open Educational Resource (OER) for collaboration and exposure of outcomes.
  • Provision of a comprehensive toolbox offering essential resources for deep-tech startups/scaleups in the Media and Creative industries.
  • Facilitation of training curricula and materials to empower participants in innovation management and business modeling.
  • Promotion of awareness campaigns highlighting the impact of emerging technologies on the sector and addressing pertinent issues such as fake news, disinformation, and trustworthy artificial intelligence.

By equipping participants with the necessary skills and resources, the project has laid the foundation for sustained growth, innovation, and collaboration in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

More information about the project:

The HD Media Hub project was successfully completed
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