“Fight Climate Change – Racing to Net Zero”

The international conference “FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE – Racing to Net Zero” took place at the student union of London School of Economics on 15 June 2023. The event focused on the topics of climate change and sustainability and supporting the fight against climate change.

During the event, topics related to sustainable transport and renewable energy, the implementation of ESG policies in companies to achieve the goals of sustainable development were also covered. Attention was paid to what impact investors expect to support a start-up business and how sustainability of results can be ensured. Various entrepreneurs shared their experiences and gave valuable recommendations for actions that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Each of the representatives of the partner organizations on the project had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion “The Fight Climate Change Journey & Impact”.

Among the participants and attendees of the conference were representatives of various startups, accelerators and incubators associations and institutions, policy makers, SMEs, consultants, mentors, coaches and students, all helping on the journey to net zero.

More information about the conference and the project can be found here: https://fightclimatechange.earth/


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“Fight Climate Change – Racing to Net Zero”
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