Green Innovations and Business models for SMEs in Bulgaria

Period of implementationJan’2016 – Apr’2016

Place(s) of project implementation: Sofia, Borovets, Bulgaria; Oslo, Norway


Project objective is raising the awareness of SMEs on green innovation topics and advising them on development of sustainable and innovative business models which will lead to their competitiveness and better business climate; further support to selected green companies by mentoring and coaching them on how to improve their business models, presentation and marketing skills, as well as on how to find funding opportunities. The project “Green Innovations for Sustainable Business” reached more than 600 people from the country and 229 took part in the trainings.

The dissemination on the project was achieved through local partners and local media channels in each of the 6 Bulgarian regions.

As the project was open for students and people with green ideas, there were many applications from such people who wanted to start a green business in the field of innovations.  The focus of the project changed a bit from integration of green innovations to developing new businesses with ideas and projects for green innovations.

The Norwegian experts that took part in the trainings were very well prepared and flexible as well as good physiologists and managed to transfer their knowledge the best possible way to the participants. During the trainings successful stories of projects that have already been funded by the Green Industry Innovation Programme were presented. Communication and cooperation with local partners from all of the regions was of great importance and value to the project helping CEED reach the target group.

  • 200 Bulgarian SMEs trained on business modeling and green innovation issues
  • Bulgarian SMEs form the 6 NUTS regions trained to be familiar and receive knowledge on how green innovation can create competitive advantage for their respective business
  • 5-6 green business ideas developed in a thorough business plan
  • A study tour to Norway of the awarded SMEs to learn more on the specific economic sector in Norway and establish contacts with Norwegian companies


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Green Innovations and Business models for SMEs in Bulgaria
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